Home theater in the living room multifunction home entertainment

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Home theater in the living room multifunction home entertainment, Image

The presence of home theater at home will add to the warmth of family. Unfortunately, the limited room in the house to be obstacles to make it happen. This obstacle can be overcome by creating a home theater in the living room. There are many advantages if home theater in the living room, in addition to low cost because it does not need to create a special room, home theater can be used to watch the family's favorite movie, or just watch tv, play games, listen to music and karaoke. So, this room is besides the living room, also to function as Multifunction Home Entertainment.

Unlike the home theater in a private room, specially designed closed and dark, like in a movie theater, no light pollution from the outside, so the picture and sound quality is not compromised. If a home theater in the living room, because it is open and a lot of furniture in it, it will greatly affect the quality of picture and sound. Therefore, when designing a living room with home theater, precision is required in order to get quality picture and good sound.

Visual and audio device settings

The existence of home theater in a special room are generally closed, and speaker cables can be planted on the walls. Meanwhile, home theater in living room is generally made semi-private and more open, so you need to think about the placement of the cables so as not to appear "chaotic". You can create a closed Credenza, or behind the backdrop panel TV to hide cables. Because it involves aesthetic aspects, also the security aspect, because living room is used for various other activities.

The amount of light pollution in living room is not possible to use a projector and screen. Typically the image display uses a television / plasma display or LCD display. To obtain good image quality, you need to be careful in choosing a TV / LCD That Offered in many stores, online or offline store. Because it is the multifunction home entertainment, consider also the source of radio, iPod, or PS3. Add HDTV / Pay TV or receiver / decoder satellite TV broadcasts, for family viewing alternatives.

For audio, you can choose the amplifier that can accept a lot of input source, could put a DVD, CD, Aux Video, Satellite TV, PS3, and has an iPod dock facilities. Speaker, because of the open space, it is advisable to use a small speaker (satellite speaker) plus a subwoofer, or can also choose a floor standing speakers plus subwoofer.


TV / LCD is good with the bad lighting will not produce good image quality. When you use the in-focus, make sure the lighting does not interfere with the focus and make the image ghosting. Use recessed lighting or the lamp frame embedded in the ceiling of the room, or downlight with a simple form for the lighting. Use dimmers, remember this room for many other activities. Set the dimmer darker when watching movies / TV.

Sound leakage

If home theater is located in the living room, the thing to note is the sound leakage, because the window or glass door leading to the outdoors. Glass material is not good to muffle the sound. Sound is leaking from the outside in, or otherwise, will interfere with the enjoyment of watching movies / TV or listening to music / karaoke. Sound leakage could disturb tranquility in another room or a neighbor. To fix this, install a curtain along the window. Fabrics can muffle the sound, though not as optimal as acoustic panels. To get better quality, use a type of thick cloth, and cover the floor with carpet. However, the carpet does not need to be applied to cover the entire room, just the area under the coffee table, this will help muffle the sound.


Because in the living room and multifunction home entertainment, then choose a simple minimalist furniture, especially when small-sized living room. Minimalist furniture will be more concise and make more room clean and roomy. Add a rack for electronic equipment and a collection of DVD movies / music. For the color of the room, choose a brighter color, so the room look more spacious. When you want a more intimate impression, choose a dark brown color, gray, and red.


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